The Software
StatTracker tracks individual stats to include: Batting Average, On Base Percentage, Slugging Percentage as well as hit location percentages.  Combine this with team stat tracking and you have a nice little tool used to help your teams offense work on their placement as well as keep a sharp eye on where your opponents like to hit.
Download: The Souce Code
Allow me to apologize on the spot for the half-hazard way this has been laid. Over the weekend I'll update all the files and get something a little more professional up.

One last thing...this app will need the Hypersonic Database [hsqldb] to run.  You can grab it from here at SourceForge.  
If you grab the jar file, all you will need to do to start the app is: java -jar stattracker.jar <config_file_location>
Screen Shots: 
At Bat w/Stats
Add Player
Add Team

What's my motivation here?
My son just turned 9 and I wanted to be able to track how well he and his team were playing.  I'm a solid Linux user, I promote OOS at every turn so this was an easy decision for me.  I hope that someone out there can get some benefit from this application as well. 

I'm always open to new suggestions and request. Just fill the form out in triplicate and make sure it has a TPS cover sheet on it.

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